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Fundamental Rights and Competition Law: A Comment by Lorenzo F. Pace – #antitrust #competitionlaw #eulaw Featured

Advance copies of Lorenzo F. Pace’s  “The parent-subsidiary relationship in EU antitrust law and the AEG Telefunken presumption: between the effectiveness of competition law and the protection of fundamental rights”, which will appear in the a 2014 special issue of of Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (YARS), can now be downloaded at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2536463. The paper…

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2014 Update on Brazilian Competition Law – #antitrust #competitionlaw

The Brazilian Competition Authority’s by-laws had several changes in 2014, as detailed below. 1. Resolution No. 07, of February 19, 2014: Resolution No. 07, of February 19, 2014 amended CADE by-laws , to start, by adding letter “f” to art. 24, VI. Such provision regards the list of prerogatives of the General Superintendence of CADE,…

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European Competition Law Annual 2011 – Integrating Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law – Implications for Courts and Agencies, Philip Lowe – Mel Marquis (editors), Hart Publishing, 2014, p. 522, € 168.

This volume contains papers presented at the 16th Annual EU Competition Law and Policy Workshop, held at the European University Institute on 17-18 June 2011. This edition of the Workshop examined the emerging and increasingly important use of private rights of action before national courts, and the prospects for legislation and soft law initiatives at…

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Private enforcement of Antitrust Law in Brasil

The article analyzes the historical background of the Brazilian Competition experience, including legislation and practice, culminating with the entry into force of a new Competition Law in 2012. The new law brought comprehensive changes in the Brazilian practice such as the pre-merger review system and the unification of agencies, as well as new criteria for…

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