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Wouter Wils’ Comment on the Intel Case

Advance copies of Wouter Wils’  “The judgment of the EU General Court in Intel and the so-called ‘more economic approach’ to abuse of dominance”, which will appear in the December 2014 issue of World Competition, can now be downloaded at http://ssrn.com/paper=2498407 .  The paper discusses the judgment of the EU General Court of 12 June…

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Antitrust: Commission calls for strengthening position of national competition authorities to ensure effective enforcement of competition rules throughout the EU

The Commission issued on July 9th the Communication “Ten Years of Antitrust Enforcement under Regulation 1/2003: Achievements and Future Perspectives” . The Communication identifies areas for action to enhance the enforcement of EU antitrust rules by national competition authorities. Here the link to the documents: Commission’s Communication, Commission Staff Working Document SWD (2014) 230 – Ten Years of…

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What’s the relevant market for Telecoms Mergers? National, European? EU Regulators Cast Wary Eye on Telecom Deals – WSJ.com

 The WSJ posted an interesting article on the future policy of the EU Commission for future Telecoms Mergers (EU Regulators Cast Wary Eye on Telecom Deals – WSJ.com). Is there a conflict between the need of consolidation at the EU level for Telco Companies and their market power (and the frequency issue) at the Member…

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Pilot field study on the functioning of the national judicial systems for the application of competition law rules

DG Justice published on March 28th a Pilot field study on the functioning of the  national judicial systems for the application  of competition law rules. The Report has been commissioned by the European Commission, Directorate General for Justice, to the private company ICF GHK. Hopefully it will be better than the 2004 Ashrust Report … . LFP…

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