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Competition-law.eu is an open community of people with diverse professional profiles in competition law at large (antitrust, state aids, market regulation, etc.).

The Community was built around “the making” of the Competition Law Dictionary (Dizionario sistematico del diritto della concorrenza, Jovene, Napoli, 2013) where 74 authors (37 women and 37 men) wrote the 76 entries of the Dictionary.
The full Dictionary can now be consulted for free at competition-law.eu. Each entry is updated every six months, thus making the Dictionary a permanently up-to-date book. Except for the entries on Brazilian, Chinese, Russian and U.S. antitrust law, the Dizionario is currently in Italian only. However, a full translation in English is foreseen in the near future.

It is the intention of competition-law.eu to add new entries on issues and developments which are not yet covered by the Dizionario but which are of legal and/or economic relevance. Any suggestions for new topics to be included in the Dizionaro will be greatly appreciated.

Another aim of competition-law.eu is to circulate news on competition law (such as new judgments, decisions, legislation, etc.) or on any piece of information that could be of interest for the community.

Finally, at competition-law.eu there will be regular posts putting forward short commentaries on new judgments, decisions, legislation, etc.

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